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ARCHITECTURE at David Easton, Inc.
As America's leading Classicist, David Easton designs beautifully proportioned and detailed architectural elements from pergolas to residential facades and elevations. Addressing the architectural style and design of a home's exterior is integral to David's process, which adapts his firm sense of Classical proportion and scale whether the project is modern or traditional. It's the correlation of all aspects of design that matter to David Easton and give his projects a sense of totality.

David Easton always works within the framework of his clients’ tastes and aspirations. If he imposes anything on an interior, it is a simplicity and clarity of form and expression, qualities that he believes are essential to all truly comfortable and stylish living environments. While much of his work adheres to a classically inspired, traditional aesthetic, he is a man of his times. He admires Frank Gehry as much as Andrea Palladio and embraces this expansive view. He says, "The contemporary is enriched by an understanding of the past."

HOSPITALITY DESIGN at David Easton, Inc.
Well versed in the standards of quality and comfort, David Easton brings a fresh approach to hospitality. Drawing from his experience designing homes around the world, it is a natural progression that David Easton embarks on hospitality design. His expertise in creating luxurious home environments translates to the boutique hotel business, where guests want the warmth of a residence but an escape to something more lavish. Special attention is paid to furnishings, finishes, materials and accessories to create environments that entice the guest yet represent the individuality of the hotel.

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